Limited company C.T.S. (Czechoslovak Territorial Services), established in 1990, Prague, is the oldest Czech private business entity aimed at fostering business relations between the Czech Republic and Italy. From the very beginning, we’ve focused on broadening ties with the Italian market as well as Italian business and social entities.

A national partner of Italian companies SOGES and Informest that belong among the top Italian consultancies, C.T.S. leverages its connections with representatives of Italian industry, business and culture. C.T.S. was involved in the foundation of Italian-Czech Trade and Industry Chamber in the Czech Republic and maintains close relationships with Italian diplomatic, cultural and educational institutions in the Czech Republic.

Business strategy of C.T.S. is to provide the client comprehensive consulting and assistance services including detailed market analyses and feasibility studies before placing their investments in the Czech market, finding business partners and trade channels as well as dependable domiciliation of the client’s financial, legal and personal agenda related to launching their products or services in the Czech market. Our work with Italian clients is backed with our deep knowledge of their specific needs including understanding their mentality and comprehensive awareness of the formal and practical differences between administrative and legal backgrounds of both economies.

C.T.S. representatives are operatively available to our business partners across all the regions of the Czech Republic. However to be able to offer clients deep knowledge of the Slovak market as well, in 1995 C.T.S. established its fully-owned subsidiary C.T.S. Slovakia spol. s r.o. in Trenčín. Since 2003, C.T.S. also collaborates with C.T.S. Group whose partners provide specialized services in fields of audit, accounting, human resources, advertising and lobbying.

Success of this strategy is evidenced by the fact that during its existence, C.T.S. has provided its comprehensive services to over 400 clients, has been involved in setting up over 50 joint ventures, has collaborated with 20 companies on a regular basis and represented 15 Italian subjects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.